Tecnobility Life

We are under construction!

We are working with all our energy and enthusiasm to bring Tecnobility to the US, so that we can help the millions of senior and disabled americans get to know the technology that can improve their quality of life.

There are 50 million disabled people in the US, and almost another 50 million seniors, that could see a real improve in their quality of life by accessing the technology that can help them on their everyday life.

Also, there are many american companies that work hard everyday to produce technology and devices that can help the disabled and seniors, but that have a hard time trying to reach them, as they don’t have any independent online media focused on assistive technology with a daily update.

To help all these people and the companies make a better and more accesible world for all, we are looking for partners that can walk with us making this dream come true in the US.

Hopefully, we can soon bring you all the information about assistive technology in the US, meanwhile, we are already established in Spain, and you can check out how we work here: www.tecnobility.com/es/

If you would like to collaborate with us, you can reach us here: tecnobilityUS@tecnobility.com